Mar 232020

How I became a personal chef

How I became a personal chef

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a chef. But when we landed in Calgary, I knew I was itching for something new. A project that would fulfill me and help me carve out a spot for myself in this new place. I experimented with different jobs, volunteering. I hated searching through job ads and was getting frustrated with the job hunting process. What I really wanted to do, I was afraid to try. It took a lot of trials before I was finally able to admit I wanted to start my own business.

Finding my passion

Once I gave myself permission to start thinking about running my own business, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
I’ve always taken pride in cooking for my family and friends – the sense of love and accomplishment I feel as I bring dishes to the table is second-to-none for me. As I started to focus on my cooking, a part of my own journey to health, I found out I loved experimenting with new ingredients, new techniques, and creating my unique dishes. I had my idea. I was ready.

Starting slowly

It took me a while to gain my confidence and find my way on my business journey. I had been an occasional party host and a regular in my own kitchen, but I didn’t have any formal culinary training. I was nervous that clients would see right through me. Then my close friends started offering their kitchens to become test families. For several months I was turning out dinner five days a week for a family of five. It was the best cooking “school” I could have possibly found for myself. After that positive experience, I started cooking for other friends and finding my groove. I was in love with my work, and the joy I felt in providing these families with quality dishes to enjoy every night. I was ready.

Open for business

By cooking for friends, I’d been able to hone my techniques, craft new recipes, and learn how to work with clients. Food is such a personal and important part of our lives – helping other people develop a menu I could create was sometimes tricky. It is a challenge I still love. I’m now registered as a personal chef and am an active member of the Canadian Personal Chef Alliance. My path to becoming a personal chef was winding and unexpected. I’m so thankful for the patience and support of my family and friends as I built my business. Now I’m ready to help your family eat healthy and delicious meal tonight!