May 192020

Victory is in the Kitchen?

Victory is in the Kitchen World War I Poster

Why “Victory is in the Kitchen”? Why did I choose such a name? It’s pretty long… actually, it’s a sentence! In summer 2017 I was with my family in the Bastogne War Museum in Belgium.…Continue Reading

Mar 232020

How I became a personal chef


I didn’t always know I wanted to be a chef. But when we landed in Calgary, I knew I was itching for something new. A project that would fulfill me and help me carve out…Continue Reading

Mar 182020

The story about me and food

little Victory is in the kitchen founder standing by a brick wall

It has taken me many years to recognize and be honest about the significant role the food we eat plays in how we feel. I sought real wealth, health and vitality, but the journey was…Continue Reading