Cooking for families and individuals

As a personal chef, I work in the home kitchens of my clients.
There are several ways how I can help you relieve stress from meal prepping and cooking.


Regular Meal Prep

My main focus is on providing busy families with weekly/bi-weekly meal prep. I prefer a long-term cooperation with my clients, because it takes time to tune-up menus that appeal to all family members, and to build trust. I highly value good relationships with my clients.

Occasional Help

Not all clients find it practical, necessary or economically feasible to hire a personal chef on a regular basis.
People also want to have a chance to give me a try before they commit to a regular service.

Of course! Give me a try!

I am open to adjusting my services to less regular or one-time clients.

Party Catering

I offer catering for small family cocktail and dinner parties up to 10 people. (Please note that I don’t buy and serve alcoholic beverages with regards to industry regulations.)


First I meet with every new client for an initial consultation that is in person, free of charge and takes about an hour. The goal is to assess client’s requirements and diet preferences and make a tour in the client’s kitchen, therefore it is practical to meet for the initial consultation in the client’s home.

Then I follow up with a menu proposal and detailed schedule of cooking sessions.


Each cooking session includes:

  • Menu planning (always adjusted to the client’s last feedback)
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking of a selected package – see pricing
  • Packaging and labeling food
  • Clean up