May 192020

Victory is in the Kitchen?

Victory is in the Kitchen?

Why “Victory is in the Kitchen”? Why did I choose such a name? It’s pretty long… actually, it’s a sentence!

In summer 2017 I was with my family in the Bastogne War Museum in Belgium. When we were shopping in a museum store, my husband brought me a magnet and said I should buy it, because it somehow expresses my relationship with a kitchen

The magnet says VICTORY IS IN THE KITCHEN and since we came back from Europe more than 2 years ago, the magnet has been stuck on our kitchen fan. It didn’t take long and I really used that name for my business. It just matched perfectly.

The name comes from public posters and proclamations that were widely used during the First World War to motivate and inform the public on the fact that winning the war doesn’t depend on men on the front only, but also on everyone back home.

People were encouraged to change their eating habits and eat less, reduce waste, grow their own vegetables and fruit and therefore save food for soldiers, starving civilians in Europe and also not to overload oceanic freight transport.

Eating local, meatless Mondays, go wheatless, more fruits and vegetables, less white sugar— many of the things we hear a lot about these days, Americans did during the First World War. It’s a pity they didn’t stick with it, right?

We don’t live in a war. We are lucky. But a kitchen is still a place where you can celebrate many victories. It’s a place where you must fight sometimes… for a health of yours and your family. For your well-being. For a sustainable future. For the environment our children can thrive in.

For me, it is the best battlefield ever. And I am sure we can all win there.


If kitchen is more of a combat zone than a place of fun and joy for you, contact me today, we can change this together.