Jan 272020
Why do people hire a personal chef?

The reasons for hiring a personal chef are very individual but some of the most common are:

• Lack of time to prepare meals on a daily basis
• Lack of time for grocery shopping
• Dislike of cooking
• Lack of cooking knowledge and skill
• Boredom with eating out
• Dissatisfaction with convenience foods
• Desire to eat healthy, balanced meals
• Desire to pack a healthy lunch for work or school
• Desire to have a stock of healthy snacks on hand
• Special dietary needs
• Allergies or food sensitivities that make cooking a challenge
• Desire to lose weight
• Desire to spend more time with the family
• Desire to establish good dietary habits
• Desire to expose children to a wide variety of foods
• Home with a new baby
• Convalescing from illness, injury or surgery

Are you experiencing one or more of these situations and are you still in doubt if a personal chef could be a solution?
Send me a message and we can discuss what is possible for you.

Eating well is your Victory….

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